Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More Palace Photos of the Old Palace of Tonga

 An old photo of the Royal Palace of Tonga in its early days. Notice the Royal Chapel next to the Palace which has been removed for quite some time now. Also notice the garden fence which might have been constructed for appearance purposes or simply to keep out pigs which roam the country freely.

It is clearly obvious that the Royal Palace of Tonga has survived and kept its original look from the good old Golden days.

This picture here shows the Palace in good form.

Notice how that Central Tower sparkles! The Gardens could do with a bit of sprucing up though!

This picture here shows the Palace up close (a bit).

You can see its historic beauty!!!

The Palace is indeed one of Tonga's famous tourist attractions.

Palace Pictures

The Palace is indeed a historical building representing the Monarch which has ruled the Kingdom of Tonga for hundreds of years.

The old palace used to have a old fence which some idiots managed to destroy so the old King had a new one erected.

See here how the palace looks flash and stunning with that new coating of paint!

The fence is still old but who cares, after all, the palace has been renewed lately.

And here is a lovely picture of the old palace from the waterfront view with some random lady. Can you spot the statue of the Late Monarch of Tonga?

And who would have thought that HM Queen Elizabeth and HRH Prince Phillip would have spent the night in this cosy palace? Indeed, they did spend some time in the Kingdom of Tonga staying at the palace during their visits. They were warmly welcomed by the people of the 'Friendly Islands'. (Below: Proof of HM Queen Elizabeth's and HRH Prince Phillips' visit to Tonga)

See here HM Queen Elizabeth II and her husband HRH Prince Phillip with the Late King of Tonga, Taufa'ahau Tupou IV.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fit for a Coronation!

The Royal Palace of Tonga was expertly spruced up for the Coronation of the Present King of Tonga, HM King George (Siaosi) Tupou V. 

The large tent in front of the Palace hosted the Royal Ball which could not have taken place inside the Royal Palace due to obvious reasons.

Notice the Royal guard on duty to the right. Also notice the extent to which King George Tupou V took to make sure his Coronation was smashing covering the floor of the tent with lush red carpets.

The Royal Palace as you can see has been repainted to shine in glory for the King's Coronation. It must have originally looked like this when it was first built.

The Palace does look truly fitting and perfect for a small kingdom's King! That central tower is absolutely shining like it should with power to show the King's power over the whole Kingdom

 A side view of the Palace here shows the thorough work which was carried out to ensure that the Royal Palace sparkled for the King's special day. Notice the Royal Guards in their white plinth helmets maintaining guard duties and looking after the safety of the guests.

The King, directly in front of the girl with the golden staff arrives at the entrance of the Royal Palace to take his seat and enjoy the festivities and planned events for his luxurious Coronation.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Old Palace of the Kingdom of Tonga

Yes, the Palace has indeed come a long way. Look at these pictures of the old Royal Palace. You can see that the exterior painting is fading away and it's nearing disrepair.

And it's also quite small for a Royal Palace by global standards.

A Couple of pictures of the Palace from the Sea.

 Hmmmm, look at those Palace gates. Looks as if it can be breached with ease! And where are the Guards?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Palace Extensions (Finally)

It seems that after many years, the Royal Palace of Tonga has finally undergone some major renovations which has seen new Wings attached to the original palace and also a completely new fence. The new Palace is definitely an improvement compared to the Palace before which was alright if it was back in 1960.

This is the old Palace. A definite improvement made by the King of Tonga.I believe the new Wings will be used to accommodate existing needs so that the King will be able to receive guests at the Royal Palace once again instead of the Consular House.